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Honestly, I don’t know what Jerry and I are doing on this show. We just come together on Skype for an hour or so and hope something listenable comes out. Hopefully, someone out there is getting a rise out of our ramblings.


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I Got My Cow & Buffalo

I just got my Cow & Buffalo book in the mail today. It got here FAST! My time tonight was filled with trying to finish up Thursday’s Pet Pro cover, so I haven’t been able to flip through it that much.

First impressions; the quality of the book is top notch and the art looks even better on paper. If you haven’t gotten your copy, get it NOW!

Thanks, Mike.

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No official release date for Sophisticated Pig just yet but it’s coming soon. Wiz and I are just making sure all our ducks are in a row…er something like that.

In the meantime, here’s a brand new freakin’ wallpaper!!!


Click here to download.

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Here is an early release of the Pet Pro cover before Jason posts it a few hours from now:


And no, Pet Pro isn’t gonna be published by Image Comics. I just wish they were.


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New Pet Pro page up. It was fun to draw the new iPhone. I can’t wait to have that puppy in my hand.

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We’re pushing back the release of Sophisticated Pig alittle bit. Nothing big, just a slight delay. Stay tuned for more information.

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Pet Pro on the WCCA!

Pet Professional made an unexpected appearance during the online ceremony for the WCCA Awards. Derrick Fish was presenting using his characters Dandy and Maryweather for ‘Outstanding Artist’.

It was a very nice and unexpected surprise. Thanks Derrick!

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