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Q: What is Headliners?

A: Headliners is a comic strip that gives perspective to today’s red hot news headlines. The comic used to be titled ‘Today: The Comic’. There you can find more examples of the strip.

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This is a drawing I did a few months back.


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I recently submitted some art to be the next artist on Frank Frishna’s Life’s a Bluff. The comic itself has become very successful and not has the full backing of Phil Laak. I didn’t get the gig but an artist that I personally love (professionaly), Ryan Estrada got the job. So far the art is looking great. I think they’ll be a great team.

Here is my submission:

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No official release date for Sophisticated Pig just yet but it’s coming soon. Wiz and I are just making sure all our ducks are in a row…er something like that.

In the meantime, here’s a brand new freakin’ wallpaper!!!


Click here to download.

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Here is an early release of the Pet Pro cover before Jason posts it a few hours from now:


And no, Pet Pro isn’t gonna be published by Image Comics. I just wish they were.


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