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Q: What is Headliners?

A: Headliners is a comic strip that gives perspective to today’s red hot news headlines. The comic used to be titled ‘Today: The Comic’. There you can find more examples of the strip.

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October 2, 1978

Tim Allen is arrested with 1.4 pounds of cocaine at Kalamazoo Airport in Michigan. After testifying against his partner, Allen serves only 2.5 years for felony drug possession. Otherwise, it would have been a life sentence. Tim later becomes a comic, ultimately landing the starring role in the ABC television sitcom Home Improvement.

Source: Daily Rotten

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Man’s Old Friend

Michael Vicks dogs are set to be adopted by various organizations according to a motion filed Monday.


…..Imagine this: Two cops let their attack dog loose on a running thief. The dog bites onto the thiefs ankle as he’s trying to jump a fence. The thief looks down at the dog….only to recognize it.


The thief looses his grip and falls to the ground as the dog keeps biting him.

“Hey, Bowser! Stop! It’s me, Dwayne! Remember I bet against you at Vick’s house…but you beat that other dog….ah, crap! Noooo! Noooooooooooo! My balls!”

If that isn’t irony, I don’t know what is. I like to think that this will happen someday.

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I am a democrat myself, so when I read and article that the democrats are beating the republicans at something I’m all for it. Lately though all you hear is how Hilary raised this much, Obama raised that much….is it really all about money? Who ever has the most money wins the game…like Monopoly? That has to be it right? Or else they wouldn’t be focusing on it.

How about this, all the candidates keep campaigning for money and fame while using near to nothing of their funded money. They take a couple less limos and a couple more taxis or hell, maybe even carpool with a co-worker or two. Come election day they all take their earnings and put into one pot. They write one check to our treasury and make a dent in our deficit. Now, that’s patriotism.

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This just in….shocking, shocking news! Britney Spears has lost her two kids to…..POPAZOW!


The official “Ha-HA!” of the week. Congrat’s Brit’.

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Free Radiohead


“Radiohead to Give Away New Album”
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