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Q: What is Headliners?

A: Headliners is a comic strip that gives perspective to today’s red hot news headlines. The comic used to be titled ‘Today: The Comic’. There you can find more examples of the strip.


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The Webcomic Idol returns! Bomb Shelter Comics started the successful Webcomic Idol last year and makes its return this fall. There are already over 80 entries in from a diverse group of artists and more are coming in. The submission period will end Oct. 14th, so get your comic in before then.

To view current submission Click Here

To submit your own webcomic Click Here


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I recently submitted some art to be the next artist on Frank Frishna’s Life’s a Bluff. The comic itself has become very successful and not has the full backing of Phil Laak. I didn’t get the gig but an artist that I personally love (professionaly), Ryan Estrada got the job. So far the art is looking great. I think they’ll be a great team.

Here is my submission:

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I Got My Cow & Buffalo

I just got my Cow & Buffalo book in the mail today. It got here FAST! My time tonight was filled with trying to finish up Thursday’s Pet Pro cover, so I haven’t been able to flip through it that much.

First impressions; the quality of the book is top notch and the art looks even better on paper. If you haven’t gotten your copy, get it NOW!

Thanks, Mike.

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No official release date for Sophisticated Pig just yet but it’s coming soon. Wiz and I are just making sure all our ducks are in a row…er something like that.

In the meantime, here’s a brand new freakin’ wallpaper!!!


Click here to download.

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Here is an early release of the Pet Pro cover before Jason posts it a few hours from now:


And no, Pet Pro isn’t gonna be published by Image Comics. I just wish they were.


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