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I’ve been chipping away at this page last night and today. The first panel with Scarefish behind the presidential desk took a bit of time to do. I think if I drew Bush behind that desk it would have been scarrier.

Okay, back to work.


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Hello anybody, My name is Chad Diez. I’m the artist for several comics such as:

Today: The Comic
Pet Professional
The Sophisticated Pig (We’re working to put Sophisticated Pig back up on the web.)

Sooo, Welcome to my little blog. I’ll be posting various things on here including news, techniques, progress of a current page, thoughts, etc. Nothing really revolutionary to the blogging world.
Since I usually don’t finish a page of art in one sitting I’ll be posting unfinished Pet Professional art (or anyother art I’m working on at the moment), so if you wanna see what’s coming up, stay tuned.

So, this wraps up the first post. I’ll leave you with something special. I was searching for pictures of homeless people on Yahoo! for a ‘Today’ strip I’m planning on drawing and I came across this photo of Mariah Carey…and it doesn’t look photoshoped to me:

I think she banged him.

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